Oil and Gas Technology: How Oil & Gas Can Benefit From Going Mobile

By Timothy Haïdar
EIC, Oil & Gas IQ and Energy IQ
In this exclusive interview, Tim Haïdar speaks with David Hartwell, of Click Software about the potential that mobile solutions have to enhance efficiency in the oil and gas sector. It is projected that $168 billion will be spent on enterprise mobility solutions through 2015, and some $8 billion of that total will be spent exclusively in the oil and gas arena. However, currently only 1 in 3 of the top 50 oil and gas companies have their own mobile apps. In the course of this interview, David touches on:
  • How mobile solutions can increase HSE practice
  • The parts of the oil and gas supply chain that are most suited to mobile solutions
  • How mobility could benefit novel areas of exploitation like hydraulic fracturing
  • The best ways to implement a company-wide mobility rollout in a short space of time
  • Cyber security and convincing top management of the safety and business case behind mobile technology

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